Comic 121 - April 6: ???

9th Apr 2016, 3:41 AM in Fig
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April 6: ???
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9th Apr 2016, 3:41 AM
unfortunately, i can't tell you either of this character's names because MASSIVE SPOILERS. suffice it to say that anyone who knows anything about the Outer Gods should get a roaring good time out of its identity.

the body cape folds are actually like giant manta ray fins that can fold in and out.

its feet never touch the ground, always remaining about an inch or so above it. if it were to touch the ground, the very earth itself would recoil and defractal. serious shit.


9th Apr 2016, 3:57 AM
Outer God HYPE!!!!! Wanna know, can't know... ARGHHHHH
9th Apr 2016, 6:30 PM
This design is so cool!