Comic 454 - 28 April 2017 - Mab, Queen of Air and Darkness

28th Apr 2017, 9:09 PM in SarahSophia/ProfEtheric
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28 April 2017 - Mab, Queen of Air and Darkness
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Author Notes:

28th Apr 2017, 9:09 PM
As promised, T'tharnn, Son of Belial had returned to Autumn Bay, and Hell followed with him.

Demons spread across the city, wreaking havoc, possessing humans, and generally doing the malicious will of their master.

The Shadowlight League, the Children of Gaea, and the Shroud all took turns hiding and defending the one being T'tharnn sought more than any other: Ezekiel Corvus. If the demon princeling were able to claim him, he would be unstoppable.


Mercy Black knew only one way to save her city. She stood before the Gates of Shadow, her heart pounding. Beyond these gates lie all manner of dark, twisted fey.


Mercy turned at the sound of the voice, one she hadn't heard in years. Her old friend, Sam Greentree, ran to her side.

"Milady Mercy, you cannot think to go in there."

"I don't see any other way, Sam. If those demons have their way, the whole damn world will burn."

Her friend looked at her with what she could only assume was sadness. Fairies, especially sidhe, could be annoyingly inscrutable at times.

"We can fight," he said. "There are not overly many of them, milady."

"No," said Mercy, her eyes burning and threatening tears. "The price is too high. Too many people will die."

The knight pointed at the gates. "And what of the price of this?"

"I'm the only one who pays this price."

"I beg of you, do not pass these gates."

"I don't have a choice."

"Goodbye then, Mercy Black."

Mercy closed her eyes and a mascara-stained tear trailed down her cheek. "Goodbye, Sam."


Mercy had never felt so small in her life. Mab, Queen of Air and Darkness, Mistress of the Unseelie Court, stared like a cat contemplating the kill.

"Why do you come to us with this, mortal?"

Mercy breathed in, trembling. "The tithe to Hell is paid by you, your majesty. You have power over demons."

The queen nodded slightly. "This is true."

A million secrets, all whispered at once and all in the dark, surrounded Mercy. She wanted to close her ears, to shoo them off, to run and hide...

She stood still, looking Mab in the eye.

"Very well," said the queen. A small, wicked smile curled her lips. "Perhaps this will amuse us."

"Thank you, your majesty."

"Oh, do not thank me, Mercy Black, for there will, in time, be a price to pay."

"What do you ask?"

"In time, dear mortal Mercy. In time."


The battle was over before it really began. Mercy had felt the slightest touch of the Unseelie Queen's power, and it felt like the weight of the world. But T'tharnn and his demons had been banished forever (or, at least, as long as the Queen of Air and Darkness paid the tithe).

And now she had a burden, an unpaid debt of unknown size. A debt she shouldn't... no, couldn't share. Especially not with her love, Matthew.

She left him and turned to the Shadowlight League, who trained her and gave her focus.

To this day, Mab, Queen of Air and Darkness, Mistress of the Unseelie Court has not called upon Mercy to repay her debt...


28th Apr 2017, 9:10 PM
This is awesome! I love her design, the colours, the shadows, etc!
28th Apr 2017, 9:12 PM
Thank you very much! <3
28th Apr 2017, 9:27 PM
Ooooooohhhh!!!! 8-0

Applause, applause, an excellent drawing and an excellent story! (Or will this continue tomorrow and it is yet too early for applause?)

This quite obviously casts a new light on this page! And of course I wonder what that debt will be, and if it will come into play in the comic one day... (I guess it probably won't involve helping Mab to move her furniture to a new apartment or something. ;-D )
28th Apr 2017, 9:38 PM

Thank you very much! :)

This part of the story is done. The end will come later, in the comic. And yeah, I don't suppose it will involve such menial things...
28th Apr 2017, 10:55 PM
She's gorgeous! Love it.

Poor T'tharnn didn't get to wreck mayhem after all haha. Poor Mercy owing the Unseelie.
28th Apr 2017, 11:21 PM
Thank you very much! :)

Poor T'tharnn? Nah, he's a very bad half-person. But yes, the debt weighs heavily on Mercy...
29th Apr 2017, 4:33 PM
I know, wrecking mayhem is a very bad thing and Ttharnn deserves to be locked up in his hell dungeon ;) he was just so excited to come back and crush everyone xD
29th Apr 2017, 7:08 AM
Chippewa Ghost
Soooo if the Unseelie Court has something on Mercy, and interest on that not-unsubstantial debt is paid in whiskey...

What the heck did Ireland do?
29th Apr 2017, 12:08 PM
Now why would you immediately jump to faulting the Irish, when it very well could have been because of something the British did that caused a ripple effect through history? Or maybe it was Norse invaders. Possibly Romans?

But yeah, the drinking is directly related to her debt...